About Merge

Merging Experience, Expertise, and Innovative
Pain Management Methodologies

At Merge Physical Medicine, we are committed to helping you manage your pain and address the root cause. We want to improve your quality of life by leveraging our expertise, experience, and innovative methodology to achieve pain-free living for our patients.

As a multidisciplinary provider of health services, we know that chronic pain can disrupt your life in every way and that when you endure constant pain, you cannot concentrate on the positive things in life.

We genuinely believe that every patient at Merge Physical Medicine deserves and needs a life free of pain and discomfort, and to that end, we tailor-make each plan to address each patient’s individual needs. We help you mitigate the pain, and then we find and treat the source. Using the latest technology and keeping up with all relevant medical information, we make sure we are armed with the best knowledge and the best tools to ensure success.

Treatments and

Range of motion deficits

Hip and knee pain

Pelvic unleveling

Nerve entrapment such as sciatica


Trigger points

Hand and wrist pain

Poor posture

Neck, mid-back, and low back pain

Joint Pain

Is pain holding you back?


At Merge, we provide treatment for patients who have experienced an injury that could have occurred for a number of reasons, including an automobile accident, work injury, or other accident. We work with medical facilities, attorneys, and other specialists to offer exceptional care for patients who have experienced an accident. We will consult with the patient about what forms of pain management may be the most effective and any physical therapy for rehabilitation.

Typically, patients who have been in an accident with legal circumstances will obtain a Letter of Protection from their attorney, which ensures the coverage of a medical treatment by a settlement or other means. We can also put the patient in contact with an attorney that is affiliated with our practice.